Professional Experience

Radio presenter and reporter 2017-2019 / Alta Tensão Program - Maringá, Brazil

Program developed by my friends and I. It was transmitted in the university’s radio station (RUC.FM) and live on Facebook weekly and had the main purpose to inform and entertain the audience.

Informed about different areas, especially cultural differences around the world, local events and technology updates.

Earned experience in presenting, producing and researching content, editing audio and writing scripts.

Gained knowledge about broadcasting on social media and how to reach different kinds of audiences.

English teacher 2016-2018 / Cultura Inglesa - Maringá-Brazil

Teach students of all ages the English language and the cultural aspects of English-speaking countries.

Developed skills in giving support to different people and their needs. As a teacher, it was needed to deal with students, their parents and have good abilities to work in groups with other teachers.

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